Cashier account rights

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Cashier account rights

This is to show the rights that a cashier account could have.

Front end rights

Cashier's Routine Operation

1 .Allow Payment: Un-select this would disable the cashier right to make transaction payment.
2. Open cashbox: To open up the cashbox
3.Blind handover :would make it a blind handover where only the amount would be input while 5 would give a clear detail handover. 
4.Delete shopping cart items: Remove item from shopping cart
5.Display handover details: Display handover sales details
6.Disable EOD Closing: Checking this will forbid the usage of EOD function 

Price Permission

7.Adjust Item Price: To enable discount at item level 
8.Change Amount: To enable discount at bill level 

9.View Transfer Price: To view transfer price

10. Show cost price profit :To view cost price & profit

11. Gift Item Not Allowed: To prevent giving free gift 

12.Disable Redeem Points Manually: To prevent redeem point manually

Receipt Permission:

13. Returns at POS : To do refund 

14.Void Transaction: To void  transaction 

15.Delete held orders : To cancel held order 

16.Reprint: To allow printing at sale report 

17.Modify commission manually: ( Not available for POS at the moment)

18.Wastage report disallowed: Checking of this will forbid the usage of wastage function 

19.Forbid to submit counting data :Checking of this will forbid of submitting stock take data

Item  and goods flow permission

20.Edit item details : allow cashier to edit the product 

21.Submit purchase order: To make stock in at flow in 

22.Confirm purchase order: Need submit flow in confirmation to backend 

23.Orders at POS :To make order request 

24.Transfer at POS : to transfer goods between outlet 

25.Order cancelled: Cancel the order request

Member operation permission

26.Member Recharges :Allow the make recharge for member 

27.Edit Member: To edit detail of member 

28.Disable member add function : To prevent adding new member 

29.Negative reverse charge : Allow refund recharge balance of member

30.Return per-use / gift cards: Allow refund per-use card / gift card

31.No manual input of prepaid card: (Not available at the moment)

32.per-use card extension: To extend the per use card validity period 

Back End Right

Back ends right are usually given to client's accountant and manager. It is grouped according to the category in back end. The cashier information rights are usually not given as all cashier account password would be able to view there.

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