Setting up the integration

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This document will teach you how to connect your XERO account with our integration Portal.


The tutorial is divided into the following parts:

  1. Settings in XERO
  2. Settings in the KYBIO integration Portal.
  3. How to view sales data in XERO


The settings in XERO are as follows:

You need to use:

KYBIO POS backend link:

XERO link:


First, you need to add all the payment methods added in the KYBIO integration Portal to your XERO account.


The steps are as follows:

Enter KYBIO POS backend – Account Settings - Payment Method

Take the following picture as an example, you need to add cash, member recharge card, Nets and Paynow to your Xero account.

Other payment methods, such as Alipay, Wechat Payment, Jdpay, union Pay, do not need to be added.


Then, enter your XERO account, under Accounting, select Chart of Accounts

Choose “Add account”

In “Account Type”, select “Revenue”

In “Code”, create a code and make sure that the code is available

Then enter a payment method in Name, such as Nets

After the creation is complete, click Save.


Repeat the above steps until all the payment methods set in the KYBIO POS backend are added to XERO one by one.




Settings in the KYBIO integration Portal

You need to use:

KYBIO integration Portal link:


Enter the account number and password in the login interface. (Our technical staff will provide you with the account and password)

After logging in, enter Xero Config

After entering,

Click Connect to Xero below to bind to our Kybio integration Portal with your Xero account, as shown below:

Allow access and go back to our integration Portal.

The configuration after that is divided into two parts.

In the red box, you need to choose whether the sales include tax, and whether to pull the data from the KYBIO POS backend and upload to XERO every day, or every month.


In the blue box,

At Credit Code, you need to select "200-Sales" and Tax Rate.

At Debit Code, you need to find the codes previously added in XERO, and add them to the debit code one by one.

Payment Code is the payment method created at KYBIO POS POS backend. Cash is usually "payCode_1". For other payment methods, you need to scroll to the bottom, as shown below

After selecting, you need to enter the name of the corresponding payment method in Line Name.

After adding all the payment methods, click Save.


Above, you have completed all the configurations.

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