How to use BOM

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Bill of materials(BOM) is to allow easy inventory when the product sold required raw materials and manufacturing process.

  1. After you have logged in to your back office, click on "Product" category
  2. Go into product category and create a raw material category. Refer to how to create a category.
  3. Click on the eye button to hide the category in front end.
  4. Go into mass update to shift the product required to the raw material category.
  5. Go in "Recipes/BOM" sub category. Search for the product desired with the aid of the search bar. Click on the recipes of the product to start editing the recipes.
  6. Click on add ingredient to set the material required to produce the product.
  7. Use the search bar to search for the product desired. Tick the product and input the amount required to manufacture the product.
  8. Activate the mfg. ingredient to allow and click save to allow the product to become a recipes. (In this case for every purchase of of Sgn.Crispy R.Pork, it would deduct 1KG of Nachos Cheesee)

    Formula is used for sales (raw material inventory is automatically deducted during sales)

    Formula used for production (deduct raw material inventory and increase inventory during production)

    choose one of them depends on your desire selection

  9. Activate the Covert to product to change the recipes into a process. (At the production tab on the front end, it would add to the finished product instead of the current product)

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