Technical Support & Maintenance

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Terms & Conditions

1. Quotation(s)

1.1 Currency
All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars (SGD) only, unless otherwise stated on the quotation.

1.2 Validity
Quotation(s) are valid for Thirty (30) days only, unless otherwise stated on quotation.


2. Charges and Payment terms

2.1 GST
Prices stated are subjected to GST unless otherwise stated.


3. Technical Support and Maintenance Services

3.1 Services details 

(1) For all POS solution packages, except non-purchase model, The Client is entitled to an inclusive Basic Technical Support and Maintenance Services for one (1) calendar year unless otherwise stated otherwise.

(2) Technical Support and Maintenance Services

3.1.1 Details of the various Technical Support and Maintenance Services can be found below:



Premium #






Services (Off-Site)


Level 1 Technical Support:

(1) Access to full knowledge base via Weebo’s website

(2) Email support via

(3) Telegram support via ID @WEEBO_SG

(4) Phone Support (Customer Service) via +65 9816 9299

Level 2 Technical Support:

(5) Remote support

Other Support:
(6) Unlock advanced feature (Backend) ,Maintenance of server, backend admin and data retention period of up to 5 years*

(7) Mall Integration if applicable

Support (operational) hours

10AM to 10PM

Monday – Saturday
Eve of PH & PH excluded

10AM to 10PM

Monday – Sunday
Eve of PH & PH included

Fees (Excl. of GST)


(excl. GST)


(excl. GST)

* Data retention is not equivalent to data backup.

** The Client can opt to upgrade their package if applicable, the balance shall then be top up accordingly.

3.2 Services details (On-site)

       (1) Details of the on-site charges can be found below:


(1) On-site technical assistance, troubleshooting and rectification

(2) Hardware diagnostic
(3) Hardware replacement (additional charges may be applicable)

Services Charges

$100 for Onsite

$30 for carry-in

(Charges will be waived if under warranty)

Transportation Charges


(Charges will be waived if under warranty)

On-site Hours

10AM to 6PM

Monday – Friday

Eve of PH & PH excluded


WEEBO reserves the right to determine whether the nature of problem is due to fault call, user-related issue, or faulty hardware/software not due to manufacture defects.

(2) Faulty hardware shall include, but not limited to, damages due to the following(s):

i. General degradation

ii. Damage(s) resulted from accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, or improper handling

iii. Damage(s) or loss of the product caused by undue physical or electrical stress, including but    not limited to moisture, corrosive environments, high voltage surges or abnormal working          conditions.
iv. Damage (s) of the product caused by acts of nature including but not limited to floods, storms and fires.
v. Damage(s) caused by user error, or non-compliance with instructions as set out by Weebo Pte Ltd.
vi. Alterations by persons other than Weebo Pte Ltd or its authorized repair agents.
vii. Devices for which the product's serial number has been tampered with or removed.

(3) WEEBO will attempt to repair and all charges will be invoiced to The Client if applicable.


3.3 Annual Technical Support & Maintenance Fee

WEEBO charges an annual recurring technical support & maintenance fee as stated in Clause 3.1. It is a mandatory charge for all POS solution packages, except non-purchase model.

  • The Client will be invoiced and charged annually upon the expiry of the Annual Technical Support & Maintenance.
  • Failure to pay for Annual Technical Support & Maintenance Fee may result in the following(s):
    1. Loss of data
    2. Limited POS functions and features, including but not limited to restricted access to backend admin portal/account.
  • No technical support & maintenance services
  • Annual Technical Support & Maintenance Fee does not include any third-party software integration except mall integration. This includes:
    1. Weebo Integration Platform (WIP)
      1. Accounting
      2. Advance Reporting
      3. Others
  • Payment lapse: The Technical Support & Maintenance shall discontinue and continue upon payment. The 1 (one) year period will commence on the payment date.

    3.4 Third-Party software integration

Weebo provides third-party software integration to their POS solutions. The charges are as follows:

Type of Integration

Set Up Fee

Annual Maintenance Fee

Mall Integration


(excl. GST)

Included in the Annual Technical Support & Maintenance Fee


(excl. GST)

Weebo Integration Platform

Refer to individual integration pricelist

Refer to individual annual fees for individual integration


3.5 Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Technical support 

Our support SLA policy sets the following standards of performance for all our clients:

Priority Level


Respond Within

Resolve Within

Operational Hours


Impacts and/or hinders daily operations

with no workaround solution present


2 Hours


4 Hours





Dependent on The Client’s Technical Support Package




Impacts and/or hinders daily operations

with workaround solution present

4 Hours

12 Hours


Minimal to no impact or hindrance on daily

operation with no workaround solution present

12 Hours

24 Hours


Minimal to no impact or hindrance on daily

operation with workaround solution


24 Hours

72 Hours


3.6 Payment terms for on-site services

The Client is required to make full payment within the same working day the service(s) is rendered. Any failure to make payment for more than seven (7) calendar days after the service(s) has been rendered, WEEBO reserve the rights to refuse any further service requests and/or void the remaining duration of The Client’s technical support package. Once the technical support package is voided, The Client will have to re-subscribe to a new support package for technical assistance, of which the approval for resubscription will be at WEEBO’s sole discretion.

3.7 Non-coverage of Technical Assistance

The following services are not considered as technical assistance under any Technical Support packages:

(1) Creation/modification of content, product or SKU

(2) Creation/modification of promotions (including coupons, per-use cards or gift cards)

(3) Addition/modification of product images

(4) Creation/modification of members

(5) Interpretation/extraction of analytical reports

(6) Stock/inventory management

(7) Bill-of-materials mapping/modification


4 Return and refund policy

4.1 Hardware
Hardware sold and distributed by WEEBO are strictly not refundable once they are delivered and/or deployed on site.

4.2 Software

Software licenses sold and distributed by WEEBO are also strictly not refundable once they have been activated and issued to The Client.


5 Data Protection Policy

5.1 Data Ownership

All data uploaded by The Client into or created using the KYBIO system used by The Client is owned solely by The Client and WEEBO shall not be able to access such data without The Client’s authorization. The Client shall be responsible for complying with all requirements that apply to it under the applicable Data Protection Law with respect to the information collected and uploaded into the system. WEEBO will not access such data unless for the sole purpose of delivering the paid or free Services as per below:

  1. Content Creation (Products/SKU) or amendments as requested by The Client
  2. Content Creation (Members) or amendments as requested by The Client
  3. Receipt template modification as requested by The Client
  4. Extraction of reports and data as requested by The Client
  5. Frontend and Backend Training provided to The Client
  6. Any other change or addition requests including but not limited to (Outlet Name, Contact Number, Address, Promoter’s Name, Staff Access, Admin Rights, Cashier Rights, Discounts and Promotions) by Client

5.2 Confidentiality

WEEBO shall ensure that any employees whom WEEBO authorizes to process data on its behalf is subject to appropriate confidentiality obligations. All data uploaded by The Client into or created using the KYBIO system shall be kept confidential unless the disclosure is required pursuant to process of law or unless the disclosure is to WEEBO’s financial auditors or other governing regulatory bodies. Disclosing or using any information for any purpose beyond the scope of this Terms & Conditions, or beyond the exceptions set forth above, is expressly forbidden without the prior consent of The Client.

5.3 Security

Our backend platform has adopted an SSL certificate to ensure all transaction are secure via SSL encrypted transmission. Data is being stored on Alibaba Cloud and it adheres to international information security standards including ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and ISO 27017.

5.4 Backup

The Client will be able to login to the backend system to backup data for their own needs. This can be done with the export function in the system. WEEBO has a system data backup scheduled to ensure all system and application data backup at an infrastructure level.

Business data which can be exported includes Sales reports, individual receipts, transaction data, product mix report, sales mix report and discount report. Example of the screenshots are as attached in the additional documents. Data can be exported in periods of 3 months, all past business data can be accessed and exported but only up to a period of 3 months per export.


6 General

6.1 Amendments

WEEBO reserves the right to alter, modify, the addition of or otherwise vary the Terms and Condition from time to time by notice to The Client in such manner as WEEBO deems appropriate. The Client shall be bounded by the Terms and Conditions so amended. If the customers continue to use the Service after such notice, The Client shall be deemed to have accepted the amendments.

6.2 Contract Dispute

In the case of any dispute, WEEBO reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions stated in this Terms & Conditions.

6.3 Indemnity

The Client shall be liable hereunder only for its own gross negligence, willful misconduct, or bad faith. WEEBO shall not agree to indemnify The Client from all liabilities, including judgments, costs and reasonable counsel fees, for anything done or omitted by The Client.

6.4 Supersedes Prior Terms & Conditions

This Terms & Conditions supersedes any prior Terms & Conditions between the parties, whether written or oral, and any such prior Terms & Conditions are cancelled as at the date of this Terms & Conditions but without prejudice to any rights which have already accrued to either of the parties.

Approval of Technical Support Package renewal is at WEEBO’s sole discretion and WEEBO reserves all right to refuse any application or request for said renewal without providing any reason or explanation.

Upon the continuity of WEEBO’s services, The Client hereby acknowledge that he/she has read, understands, and agrees to the terms of this Terms & Conditions. 


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