Mass update function

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1. Login To Back Office; Dashboard

2. Select Mass Update under Item Tab

3. Select Individuals Item, Or All Items to Mass Change Settings

4. Mass Update Settings

    Item Commission: Enable commission for promoter for selected item(s)

    Item Category: Change selected item(s) category

    Item Label: Assign label to selected item(s)

    Supplier: Assign supplier to selected item(s)

    Points Settings: Enable points accumulation for selected item(s)

    Members price: Enable member discount for selected item(s)

    Active/Inactive: Enable/Disable Item, 

    is Gift: Enable free gift option for selected item(s)

    is Hidden: Hide selected item(s) from frontend

    Label Printing: Enable label printer printing for selected items(s)

    Kitchen Printer: Enable kitchen printer printing for selected item(s)

    Self Ordering: For Kiosk

    Can I make an appointment (Pre-Booking): Not applicable for use*

   Has Weigh ( Weighing Scale): Allow quantity of items to be automatically weighed and input into the system
    Price fixed: Selected Items have fixed price, no discount will be allowed

    Market Price: Update market price for selected item(s) 

    Remove Item: Delete selected item(s)

    Reported Loss Price

Excluding inventory : unable to stocktake

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