Promotion - Discount on 2nd item

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Promotion - Discount on 2nd item

The discount on second item promotion is useful when trying to run such promotions:

  • 1-for-1 discount
  • Buy 1 and get 2nd item at 50% off

The system prioritises the discounted item in the following order (in descending order):

  1. Same item, when 3 or more items is selected
  2. Item of lower priced value only IF there is 2 non-similar items

For example, when the customer orders 2 Item A and 2 Item B in the same transaction, the system will always take 1 Item A and 1 Item B as the discounted item over 2 items of the lower value. Likewise, when the customer orders 2 Item A and 1 Item B, the system will take 1 Item A as the discounted item over Item B, which is of a lower value. This is to ensure that the customer gets the cheapest deal. 

Follow the steps below to create your promotion:

1. Login To Back Office; Dashboard

2. Select Promotion under MKG Tab

3. Click Add Promotion

4. New Option Settings For Add Promotion

    Type: Select Type Of Promotion To Add

        A. Discount Promotion

        B. Set Promotion

        C. Cash Discount With Min. Spending

        D. Exchange Promotion

        E. Bundle Promotion

        F. Discount On 2nd Item

    Promo Name: Name For Easy Referencing

    Use Within: Location Where Promotion Will Be Applied, And If Members Only, Or Anyone Can use

    Start Date: / End Date: Start And End Date Of Promotion Period

 F. Discount on 2nd Item

Select The Second Discounted Item: Items That Is Eligible For The Promotion 

Second Item Discount: How Much Discount Off The Original Price
Limit the purchase of the same item to enjoy the discount : Whether buy the same item to enjoy this discount

Max. quantity of discounted items 

Example, A item cost $10, and two cost $20.

With the promotion, the 2nd one is 10% cheaper, at $9 with $1 discount.

Total $10+$9=$19

Selection of the 2nd item will allow a 20% discount

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